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Intruder Alarms

Power Protection Security offers an extensive range of intruder alarms to protect businesses and staff. We also offer residential security systems and home security alarm systems. These alarm installation solutions are often mandatory for insurance purposes, but can offer additional security benefits. 

Intruder and security alarm systems can give a much wider sense of safety and peace of mind to those working at a site. They also serve to demonstrate to our client’s customers that any data collected on their behalf is secure and treated with importance. 

Monitored intruder alarm systems offer local alarms and can initiate an immediate police response, if required. Monitored intruder alarm systems have secure, independent, data transmission links to our Central Station (CS) for rapid, security alarm monitoring. This data link can carry a variety of signals to our CS initiating a controlled, prescribed action. We have many wireless alarm and wireless home security options. 

Power Protection Security offers the following range of alert and response services. 

• Panic Alarms
• Lone-man Working Alarms
• Power Failure
• Air-con Failure
• Flood and Fire alarm signals
• Intruder alarm 

Our Central Station will call the appropriate security agency to deal with a site incident. These calls are recorded and archived. In sensitive areas, we can integrate an Intruder Alarm System with a wider electronic Security Platform so that any alarm signals from security devices will be received by the CS who, in turn, can request a Police or a third party response, such as from a key-holding service.

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With over 40 years of focused certification experience, NSI has gained a reputation as the leading sector specialist certification body.  Specifiers, procurers, consumers and other key stakeholders have long since recognised and trusted the repute and robust nature of NSI certification.

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