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The Access Control system used within an organisation is the foundation of any Integrated Security Strategy. Controlling admission to a site and managing permitted and restricted entry to areas across the site, are paramount to site safety and security. Without this level of corporate security, staff, their property, assets, critical data and intellectual property are all at risk. 

PPS can help select the best technology for controlling access within your organisation. We offer wide-ranging access control security installation options, from simple door code readers through to Smart Cards, suitable for integrated cashless vending applications. 

Power Protection security will help manage the migration to new access control systems from older, less effective access options. For example, we can upgrade Mag-Stripe solutions to new technologies such as Proximity Readers or even Biometric Solutions, which are now proven to be reliable and cost-effective. We can add photographs of staff to access control cards so that our electronic access systems will automatically verify the identity of the person presenting the card. We can then use the same cards at other sites within the same business not using electronic access control, where an identity can be checked visually. 

Leading access control platforms provide the opportunity to link CCTV cameras and recorded images to site events and incidents, providing evidence when needed or alerting remote monitoring staff immediately. 

Power Protection security is a security systems integrator with no particular affiliation to any one manufacturer. We are free to choose the best and most cost-effective systems for reliable installation and optimal operation.

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With over 40 years of focused certification experience, NSI has gained a reputation as the leading sector specialist certification body.  Specifiers, procurers, consumers and other key stakeholders have long since recognised and trusted the repute and robust nature of NSI certification.

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