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As an independent distributor of Uninterruptible Power SuppliesUPS systems and other Standby Power products and services, we can provide a wide range of equipment, systems and support.

We can give you unbiased advice on what is the ‘best of breed’ for all requirements - irrespective of Manufacturer.

We can offer you a UPS range from as small as 300VA (for a small desktop PC) to several MVA (for the largest of Data Centres or very large loads). There are different technologies available to give various levels of power conditioning, again we can give you advice on what is best for you. We offer a wide range of products from the major manufacturers including: Riello UPS, Eaton and APC.

If long power outages are a threat to your operation we can offer Diesel or Gas generators to provide continuous back up for the UPS, air-conditioning and other essential loads such as lifts, lighting etc.

We can supply stand-alone UPS or generators. However, should you require a turnkey complete standby power package we can offer a complete service from site survey, detailed proposal, project management, installation, commissioning and comprehensive lifetime support utilising our own Manufacturer Qualified Service Engineers.

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Did You Know? Quick Facts

Power failure is responsible for 31% of computer system breakdowns.

Over one third of companies take more than a day to recover from the disruption caused by a power failure. 10% take more than a week.