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For customers who need longer runtimes from their back up power system, a standby diesel generator is able to provide continuous power almost indefinitely.

At PPS, we provide a comprehensive range of both new and used diesel generators, accessories and associated services. We provide systems ranging from 22kVA up to 2MVA either on a standalone basis or delivered as part of an overall packaged solution. All of our diesel generators can be supplied either as open sets or in acoustic and weatherproof enclosures with integral base mounted, double-bunded fuel tanks. 

An electronic governor is recommended when used with UPS systems to provide fast response times to load changes.

Sizing of the generator is critical, particularly when used in conjunction with a UPS, along with any start up loads associated with heavy plant and machinery, for example air conditioning, manufacturing systems etc. Such factors are accounted for in our proposals and recommendations.                                 

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Did You Know? Quick Facts

Power failure is responsible for 31% of computer system breakdowns.

Over one third of companies take more than a day to recover from the disruption caused by a power failure.

10% take more than a week.