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If your site is large or the layout of your buildings is more complex, or your risk is regarded as "above normal", a more sophisticated "addressable" system may be more suited to your needs.

Addressable alarm systems give you more precise information on the location of a fire, enabling you to take quicker action to fight the outbreak, and, because they can be programmed to enable partial evacuation of a building, you can avoid the losses to your business of any unnecessary total evacuation.

The system's control panel can store information on testing, maintenance, activations or faults - and an LCD display on the control panel gives easy-to-access information on the system's status.

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What is BAFE and why is it important for your business?

Fact: Until an incident occurs, you will have no idea whether or not the alarm system you have chosen and paid for will do the job of protecting property and human life.

One way to be sure that your fire alarm is of the very best standard is to ensure that you choose a company who has BAFE SP203-1 accreditation.

There are a number of Standards but the one which relates to Fire Alarms is BAFE SP203-1. To have this accreditation means that a company has been vetted by BAFE and that nothing will be left to chance. The design, installation and maintenance of the fire system will be of the very highest integrity.

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