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Fire Suppression

Fire Suppression Systems protect valuable resources and critical facilities of your business is our focus.  PPS Ltd is one of the Islands leading fire protection companies, offering Fire Suppression and VESDA solutions for many applications.

Prevention is better than a cure & fire suppression systems are based upon that principle. Fire suppression allows for human intervention in preventing ignition or re ignition and thereby saving the environments our fire suppression systems are designed to protect. 

Pressure Testing

Fire suppression systems utilise high pressure vessels which must be maintained by law.  The process of test ing is achieved by hydrostatically pressurising the pressure vessel that contains the fire suppression agent.

Hydrostatic pressure testing must be carried out every 10 years. The pressure vessel (fire suppression cylinder) must be decanted, cleaned and dried.  Once the contents and contaminates have been removed the fire suppression cylinder is filled with water.  

As water cannot be compressed, when under pressure it allows us to verify that the cylinder is safe and fit for purpose.  

Services in Fire Suppression