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Fire Systems


Water Leak Detection

Water Leak Detection can be simple or complex but always requires careful consideration towards the application that allows access to the tape long after the construction teams have completed their works.

A simple Comms Room with accessible false floor is the easy option and similarly offers a simple zoned water leak detection system about the floor slab perimeter encompassing the air conditioning units such that any overspill from these units – this does happen! – is sensed and alarmed before the overspill is afforded the time for the water to ingress the area and damage sensitive data cabling.

A larger Comms Room creates a greater search distance to locate such spills and PPS offer systems that identifies within 1 metre, where the leak is by way of a mapped sensing cable and easy reference framed layout. Many floors incorporate tea stations of kitchens or toilet areas where a water leak can occur unnoticed until the water sensing system alarms. PPS offer bespoke designs to accommodate such requirements. In these instances where the floor finishes are of high quality, access under floor is not afforded, PPS have become well versed in ingenious applications to cater for these situations.

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Environmental Monitoring

Early warning of environmental conditions is crucial for the protection of critical facilities and equipment from damage due to water leaks (moisture) and/or temperature and humidity extremes. Damage that result from leaking or sweating pipes, clogged drains, ruptured storage tanks, temperature or humidity extremes can be disastrous.